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Our Check-Up, Train-Up, and Tune-Up program is designed to help you get the most out of your existing audio system. Whether you're experiencing problems or just want to optimize your technology, our unique and affordable services are here to assist you. Each of these unique and affordable flat-rate services includes a phone consultation and an on-site meeting with our technicians.


CHECK UP | $250


If you're dealing with issues like feedback, drop-outs, or poor sound quality, our technicians will come to your location, evaluate your equipment, and run tests to diagnose and fix common problems. If we can't resolve the issues immediately, we'll provide a comprehensive treatment plan.


Think of it like a house call from your doctor – a Check-Up from Church Audio Video puts your sound system on the road to recovery.



  • Snap, crackle, pop, static and hum

  • Occasional or constant feedback

  • Wireless microphone drop-outs

  • Less-than-desirable sound quality


What to Expect

  • Phone/email assessment to determine potential issues

  • One hour of on-site troubleshooting by an experienced Church Audio Video technician

  • In many cases, on-the-spot correction of common problems

  • If additional services are necessary, you will receive a clear written diagnosis along with an estimate for correction on a subsequent service call, and $50 of the Check-Up fee will be applied to any additional labor charges.


TRAIN UP | $500


Modern audio technology is constantly evolving, and it's crucial for your tech team to have a solid understanding of mixing, acoustics, and signal flow. Our on-site Train-Up sessions will educate your team on the fundamentals of church sound systems and provide hands-on training on your specific equipment. We can also help advanced users with specific gear configurations. Our technicians are knowledgeable about the latest innovations from over 400 top brands.



  • Signal drops or other problems during your services that are due to operator error

  • Volunteers operating your sound system that may have some experience running sound, but no professional training

  • New equipment that nobody knows how to operate nor has the time to research

  • Constant turnover on your tech team


What to Expect

  • Phone/email assessment of your current configuration

  • Classroom-style course for all system operators and at least 2 hours of hands-on personal training at your facility administered by a Church Audio Video technician

  • Training curriculum documentation including textbook and other learning tools (if applicable)

  • Recording of your customized training


TUNE-UP | $750


Worship facilities present unique challenges for sound reinforcement, with high ceilings and odd room shapes leading to echoes and reverberation. Our Tune-Up service evaluates the acoustics of your facility, checks interconnections, makes necessary repairs, and adjusts your equipment settings for optimal performance. We offer separate Loudspeaker System Tune-Up and Mixing Console Tune-Up services for $400 each, or both together for $750. If you don't have the necessary processing equipment, we can recommend affordable options and install them during our visit at no additional charge.


No matter the symptoms or challenges you're facing with your audio system, our technicians will provide a thorough assessment and deliver professional, experienced troubleshooting and repair services. We may also recommend treatment materials for acoustical problems or loudspeaker DSP upgrades if necessary.



  • Unnatural sound or unintelligible speech

  • Echoes and unpleasant reverberation

  • Continuing problems with feedback, distortion, static and dropouts

  • Uneven gain structures, extreme EQ adjustments, or disproportionate channel settings on your mixer


What to Expect

  • Initial phone/email assessment of your current configuration

  • On-site analysis of your facility’s acoustics and loudspeaker response and/or mixing system problems

  • A professional, experienced technician for up to 4 hours of on-site troubleshooting and repair to include line checks, cable integrity, mixer/processor/loudspeaker settings and wireless microphone programming (up to 6 hours if both services are chosen)

  • If necessary, we will recommend:

    • effective, affordable and aesthetically-appealing treatment materials to correct inherent acoustical problems

    • loudspeaker DSP upgrades – we have several professional models to choose from starting at $375

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